Decorating the yard with recycled and low cost materials

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Decorating the outside patio with recycled and low cost material ... Include in the outdoor patio, recycled goods, furniture pallet - used materials, garden, flowers, fruit plants, which would allow you to continue with the decor inside logic of open space and low cost.
Here today we will present you a yard decorating with recycled and low cost materials.
For the manufacture of furniture used and discarded packing crates and pallets, which is inexpensive and easy to work.
For tables used cable rolls and usually discarded, thus it had no cost. 
The pergola was built with scrap wood in a carpenter to recycle and protect the space warm sunshine land, sow some plants to grow passion fruit that cover the roof, the cost was minimal.
For decorating the space, we use elements of recycled glass, necklaces and different material discarded from the beach, with which we produce lamps and chandeliers.

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