Wall Decoration for the living room - 35 creative and imaginative examples

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Some creative ideas for Wall Decoration in your living room
A white and nothing nothing else on the wall? Who wants to have so little at home, please. Only one mirror would be enough to make the whole thing a lot of fresh, elegant and appealing. This is especially true when it is provided with a beautiful frame.
One of the simplest versions would relax a beautiful fabric. This could be a great wall ceiling, or a beautifully painted white cloth. In one or another room you could relax the flag of your favorite country.
A vertical garden looks beautiful on any wall. Green walls are every day more modern. However, not everyone can cope with their design and maintenance. In the decoration shops there is a wide range of artificial flowers. You can create a great concept for your Wall Decoration in the living room of this also. 
The wall covers are also able to give us great freedom. They can be decorated in a wide variety of ways. You can take a large wall ceiling for your wall decoration. Or you can make a great project of several small patchwork.
What do you do with the beautiful old dishes? Sometime you do not need it for the original purpose. Then you could install it as a decoration on the wall. This type of Wall Decoration for the living room and other rooms is very popular with DIY enthusiasts. You will find lots of great ideas on the Internet. In the special decorative shops you find a lot of decorative plates, with which you can realize such wall design.  
Below we have some more cheap and nice idea that could transform your home beautifully.

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