Eco decor - 32 ideas for decoration with branches for the home

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In this article, we would like to talk about this kind of eco-friendly decor, like the decor of branches.

Natural decorative elements in the interior of the house creates a special atmosphere of unity with nature and, of course, refresh your home.

Surely during walks in the park you will catch the eye dry twigs bizarre shapes. These branches - is a great option for fans diy.

Applications in such findings are plenty.

Branch can be issued candlesticks, decorated the dining table, used as coat hooks. They can be used in its original form, varnishing or paint to match your interior. A definite plus handling - long branches will have an attractive appearance.In our collection you will find all kinds of examples of the use of 32 branches in the interior.This decor is interesting because it does not require specific knowledge and skills. It all depends on your imagination: how do you see this or that branch and any application can find it in his house.


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