Do it yourself - From stump to chic table

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It is easy to make a chic table with wheels of a tree stump. Here you can see pictures and read a simple guide on how you can make your own board of a tree stump.

1. Materials: stumpsapprox 35 cm in height (it does not matter the type of wood used), sandpaper, blackboard paint, screws and four wheels for each stub.

2. Start by washing the stump for any. dirt and earth, let it dry completely. Sand the top and bottom with sandpaper, to the bright color appears. Then, slide easily on the bark and remove any. loose bark. Let the stump to dry completely. 

3. Paint the stump with blackboard paint which is deep, matte black, and easy to paint with. When the paint is completely dry, paint once again. 

4. Screw wheel under the stump. The tables are very useful both outside and inside. 

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