Bedrooms in boho style 30 interiors with soul and character

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Hello... Thanks for coming to my blog! Today's article, I decided to devote the bedroom. The interior of the room we put so much love, because the bedroom is our cozy nest where you can relax and get away from the routine. Bedroom reflects our inner world and the interests of: a sort of micro-universe of the soul, where every object has to delight and inspire. It is this and becomes a bedroom in the style of boho - comfortable and creative, it is embodied in the uniqueness of the owner and his lifestyle. About the interior in the style of boho I wrote in detail in this article.

The bedroom in the style of boho implies a gypsy flavor. After all, it is from this culture and was born bohemian design direction. So if you do not have a bed, maybe boho style - what you need. In this case, a mattress thrown on the floor, you will be quite enough.

If you still need a bed for a comfortable rest, Baby deliberately spacious covered and linens - even colored blankets careless folds down to the floor, creating a relaxing bedroom, imposing atmosphere.

 Today I will share with you the interiors of bedrooms in boho style which are sure will give you some new ideas.

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