45 Crafts made of plastic bottles for the garden - Simple and original decor

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Decorations & useful tools for cottages and garden of plastic bottles can be made with your own hands. Minimum buck, the most out of training - and ready to hack.

Lovingly furnished our home town, we are no less touching treat our country sites. We try to elevate them to create for themselves a comfortable environment and make the neat rows of beds and berry bushes special appeal notes. Many of the gardeners for their creative experiments have chosen the most affordable and flexible material - ordinary plastic bottles. On what things can be made from plastic bottles for the garden, and we'll talk.

Crafts from plastic bottles, from flower pots to the fairy-tale towers
The idea of ​​manufacturing useful accessories and decorative stuff from plastic containers is not new. The first attempts led our grandparents for the construction of low barriers to tracks. Assessing the flexibility and low cost of the material, the craftsmen of the people have gone further. And now full-fledged summer cottages adorned fences, funny figures and unusual devices made of plastic bottles.

Crafts and decoration for cottages and garden of plastic bottles do not require the use of sophisticated instruments and specialized skills. The main thing is to have time and desire, and enough material. Those who turned out to be the one and the other, convincingly demonstrated its limitless possibilities, and we have prepared a review of the best masterpieces. 

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