Secrets of beautiful flower beds design - how to make a Flower brook

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Each of us gardeners are interest the original flower bed on the Internet. And, of course, we want to implement in your garden plot the most favorite design beds.
Playing with new plants, garden flower shapes, textures and pleasure can be infinite.

Almost all of us have seen a bed "Flower Stream" on the Internet, when the plants, as it were "derived" from an overturned flower pot on its side or other container.
But why, when we make a flower bed in your garden the result seems a little controversial? In our creative experiments will help us design the secrets of beautiful flowerbeds. 

The container for flowers. Even if we use the old bucket, then it must be painted, then a flower bed will get a more accurate view.
The form of the flower bed. If we separate the edge of the rubble visually flower creek from the main lawn, it will look more impressive.

Location flowerbeds. Since creek flows through a natural channel with a bias, then our "stream" it is necessary to make a significant earthen mound, setting him on the container.
Selection of plants for flower bed. Even if you choose not to Blue Creek plant to flower, it makes sense to choose one shade or plant species. It is better that these plants were creeping.

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