A colorful house in Ibiza

If there's one thing I love about the Nordic style decor Norse or whatever you want to call it that white combines with all colors. I love !, if you get tired of black and white, you add color, you get tired you color, you add neutral tones, and thus get a personalized decoration for very little money and also changing four things, your house again seems another .

So, seeing the house today, I've teleported mentally Ibiza, the paradise of beautiful houses, terraces, and a cool temperature, or at least, so they say. To which we !, I love the house today, clean white color with notes that give this life he calls the island. I'm so convinced that changing textiles for more neutral tones, you can enjoy two homes at once, in summer awash with vibrant colors that make it shine and winter, warm tones that blend seamlessly with the sand on the beach the blue sea.

The terrace has certainly left me in love because you can enjoy these views nothing has to be great to wake up, and me more than I love the beach !, good to see, not that I like going to the beach to lie and sunbathing, but rather I like to go at sunset, or the terraces at night to drink, not, there is a great atmosphere.

So I leave the house today and then you tell me that you thought, but from now would say that you will love!

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