Diy Wall Clock from brushes or spoons and color

Have you ever have an idea in your head that do exactly fit in your style, but you want to eagerly do? Yes. This will happen to you with this lovely and unique wall clock.
 For the clock size we can use as a guide a child saucer. After making the outline in plywood thickness of 1.5 cm, cut with a band saw or a special saw for circles. If you want to avoid all this work you can find ready-cut trade.

Make a same circle of cardboard, fold in half and draw a straight line passing through the center of the wooden circle. Fold the paper cycle again in the middle and draw a straight line again. Finally, fold the paper to divide the wooden circle evenly twelfths.

With a plastic cup engrave curves at the ends of each twelfth.

With paint tape thickness 2.5 cm cover two twelfths whenever and paint each section a different bright color, removing the tape before the paint dries completely.

After each color, dip the brushes width 5 cm, hang and allow to dry until the following day. Just put a newspaper or cardboard underneath to avoid getting everywhere.

With strong adhesive glue the handles of brushes on the back side of the wooden tray, making sure that each color corresponds to the color on the other side.

Buy a clock mechanism (will find everywhere) and based on the shaft size drill a hole exactly in the center of the disc. Then, follow the mechanism assembly instructions.

Here because the mechanism indexes were gold, painted with white spray to better match the colors of clock.

Alternatively, instead of brushes to put wooden cooking spoons to give a different touch to your kitchen ...        

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