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Friday, March 11, 2016

Garden deco - done with style and flowers framed

You will certainly have noticed  it before, how much of the context can affect the way an image on the observer. Simple wooden slats draw little from the view from gilded or silver frames make the paintings seem more precious and colored, colorful borders can direct the mood of the image in a specific direction.

Transferred to the garden provide numerous combinations of flowers and plants in the flower beds, the noble painting represents, which can act charming and imposing by this well-fitting border. At the same time facing a harmonious transition between the bed and the rest of the garden provides. So you can imagine it better for you, call you in mind a picture frame, which mediates between the picture on the wall and the rest of the apartment. The same is also true for the garden. Do you suggest some nice ideas.

If you want you opt for a durable, easy-care edging for flowerbeds in the garden, then you are well advised to curb stones. Because if they once laid, they accompany the course of the border to almost indestructible manner. Stone blocks are an excellent example of the timelessness of such border in the garden. Furthermore allow Klinkersteine a wide hook. If they are lined up against each other, for example, and sunk two-thirds into the ground, so you quickly beautifully varied zigzag edges in the garden. If they are still with their long, narrow side moved upward to reach the impression of a modern treadmill.

There are commercially available special enclosure systems such as stone borders and stone elements, which consist of intricately-crafted individual elements. One should however expect that they too draw the attention of the viewer and thereby detract from the plants and flowers in the flower bed.

Rosemary can also fulfill the purpose of the border in the garden well, and some perennial plants such as lady's mantle (Alchemilla) or low bellflowers (Campanula). They spread in flirtatious way and lawn and let the boundaries between image and frame disappear.

Just one last piece of advice: Eighth in the selection of plant species for the delimitation of the beds that flower and leaf colors of the enclosure with the bed-planting work well together.

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