Minimalist decor in a big stone house

Heavy stone walls contrast with a slight minimalist decor.

We traveled to the region of Greece in the southern Peloponnese known as 'Mani' is a special place. The architecture of the few and small towns is sturdy, stone, almost I say that fortified, full of watchtowers that we find in all maritime perimeter, no less than 7 castles and small (the oldest of all Laconia) Byzantine iglesisas X, XI and XII centuries. These regal stone buildings contrast with the lightness of the minimalist decor we see in this house.

Minimalism with Nordic essence

Have spent some time watching the Nordic decorative trend - Scandinavian (simple lines and practices using light wood, natural fabrics, neutral colors and not hide inside the housing behind the curtains ...) gradually extends influencing the rest of styles decorative, and minimalism would not be less.

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