Diy paint stool tie & dye

Want to revamp an old stool? Give it a facelift by making a color gradient on all four feet. Easy, follow this tutorial.

1 stool
1 acrylic paint bucket to paint the legs of the stool
1 painting protective tape roll
1 meter
1 pencil
Foil to the foot and the painting area
The spray gun

Level: easy
Time: about 1 hour drying out

Step 1
Turn the stool and place it on its base. Choose the length of the color areas and mark the same height on all legs of the stool using a meter and a pencil.

Step 2
Apply strips of tape on the top of the stool legs, along the penciled marks.

Step 3
Wrap the paper around the seat of the stool and areas that do not have to be painted, and secure it with tape.

Step 4
Paint the legs of the stool with acrylic paint using a spray gun. For the gradient effect, it is advisable to use the fine spray system of the tool. For a transparent effect, gradually move the gun when spraying. Beforehand, hide areas near meticulously. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the paper and adhesive tape strips.

Source: prima
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