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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Diy macrame hanging pot

One of the trendiest one can have in his home right now is a hanging pot. Hotter and moreover the most fun is to do it yourself, why not as macrame. With our simple description, it will hopefully inspire people to do many hanging pot. Good luck.

To make a hanging basket of macrame, you need:

     Thick string

Step 1:
Make sure to have all the things you need for your hanging basket of macrame ready.

Step 2:
Cut 3 pieces of 2-meter cord and fold them in half and make a knot.

Step 3:
Set the pot upside down and put the knot in the middle of the pot. Distribute the strings evenly around the pot.

Step 4:
Bind a net around the pot with half hitch knots.

Step 5:
The six rope ends that are two and two parted and tied together with the ends closest to each other.

Step 6:
Your macrame hanging basket is finished.

Use strings of different colors or different pots to create your hanging baskets. Imagination is only the limit. 

Via: blomsterlandet.se
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