Diy Ideas for a centerpiece

Making a centerpiece allows both to save a little on a wedding decoration budget for example, let express the artist in you but also make a marriage completely to your image. 

A centerpiece to make yourself with cans

Recycle tin can as a table centerpiece is a simple idea to achieve: decorate the outside of the tin can with pretty paper and masking tape. The tin can can be a real ally deco
A centerpiece to make with simple glass jars.

Keep your jars and empty glass bottles and turn them into vases for a pretty centerpiece. If the idea Please browse more ways to recycle bottles and jars.

A centerpiece to make yourself with painted bottles

Liven up your glass bottles easily by following this tutorial if you also want to make beautiful painted vases or decorative items for your centerpieces.

Here are 17 ideas for centerpieces that you can make your own easily.

Images via: Pinterest 
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