11 Ideas for decorating with large mirrors

Garnish with large mirrors is one of the most recurrent resources in decoration, not only for its spectacular and visual impact, also because we help expand the space and double the light.

But even if this trend of using large mirrors like, are not always used correctly. As is the mirror, where and how you put it can help or else can ruin completely decorated.

It is very common to combine styles:

classic frame mirrors modern spaces.

frameless mirrors on rustic wood.

retro style mirrors ... etc Nordic environments.
But if you are thinking of buying one do not you guide only by their appearance or whether it fits or not, you should consider other variables.

Garnish with large mirrors in small spaces
Usual recommends using mirrors in small spaces because they help expand the space, and if you put it near a window or in front of a lamp, they become an extra source of light.
But beware... not all mirrors are good in small spaces. On another occasion I mentioned that the furniture should be kept as consistent with the size of the space, so if you want a large mirror should have a thin frame or a wall-like color to not stand out too much. otherwise it will be disproportionate.

Garnish with large mirrors a large space

So yeah, no problem, fail to put not one but several. Play with them to reflect beautiful objects and furniture and dress seem more space without buying as much furniture.

Lay it on the floor and put a carpet in front, looks great!

Uses two or better three (odd objects are grateful for decoration)

Take advantage and buy one with a large frame

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