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Who has not dreamed of a romantic garden in the Mediterranean style? But this dream does not seem downright impossible in our climatic conditions, or does it? Make it like the Greeks and use for designing many flowerpots and planters. Because there had houses in smaller villages with gardens.

Then you just missed the place. So the people had no choice but to make the house out with plants in pots. And this is also the perfect option for the environment, you know. Everything you need space, is sufficient in the house to be able to stow all the plants in the winter can, so they do not freeze. We will show you some great opportunities for a Mediterranean garden design that is easy to implement.

Something that is typical of the Mediterranean garden design of the Greeks, are the neutral colors that are used for walls, walls and floors. Particularly well suited for this stone as a material. In this way, the colorful flowers and tubs come to better advantage.

What would Greece without the typical olive trees. This can also be wonderful to raise in a planter and love the strong summer sun. Since it is not too sure with the fruits, you can also choose a way that does not bear fruit, as the example above. With an olive tree you are guaranteed a Mediterranean atmosphere. For the Mediterranean garden design of the olive tree should not be missed on no account.

How can you better put color accents in the garden, as with colorful and best pink flowers? In a location with direct sunshine, you should choose the most drought-resistant species. Are particularly suitable flowering succulents. For the Mediterranean garden design among other geraniums, poppies flowering and aromatic plants such as lavender or thyme can be selected. These come, for example, in a cypress as background to advantage.

It need not be exotic when it comes to choosing the plants for the Mediterranean garden design. Indeed, there are also many great native plants and flowers, you can choose, without having to worry about the impact of your climate on the plant. Nonetheless create value on Greek Plants? Spices, such as rosemary, thyme, sage, chives and parsley grow there in abundance and wild.

That you can achieve a lot with potted plants, we have already mentioned. It is now for the Mediterranean garden design but also to the pot itself. Real nice Mediterranean are natural clay pots. They also bring an important advantage which makes itself especially paid in sunny places.

As you can see, you can and achieve the Mediterranean garden design quickly by yourself, without causing major changes need to be made. It only depends on the correct materials and plants. Begin later this spring with designing your dream garden.

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