How to grow a magnificent petunia

You probably have not seen the beautiful lush cascades of petunias! Very beautiful sight! And I have often admired those beautiful floral arrangements. Not only admire, but quietly envious of such beauty. My numerous attempts to create a lush flower gardens in containers always suffered a fiasco!
Planting a few plants in one pot - did not allow such a result, which I dreamed. And during my walks in the pages of the Internet, I found out there here is a simple master class! Happy as it should enjoy a lot of novice florist and emotionally! Here is how to reach the density of planting, it even allows you to make huge balls of flowers. How could I have guessed myself about a simple technique of planting flowers. I decided to share with you dear readers for its good find. I know for beginners in floriculture is to be a valuable teaching aid.

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