Diy Thai garland lantern

Thai lanterns - a garland, creating a fantastic atmosphere in the interior. As many of you I'm sure have seen on the Internet offers a Thai lanterns of filament balls. Cost of hesitation some money. But hat's it, we will try and do it ourself.

To get started, we need the following materials (based on 1 filament bulb):
1. Cotton yarn "Iris", we desired color and shade - 5 c.
2. PVA glue.
3. Balloon.
4. A long needle.
5. fat cream (you can take the cream for hands or face).
6. Plastic dilution bottle of glue and water.

Stages of work:

1. Inflate a balloon with a diameter of about 6 cm, tightly tying. 
2. Grease the ball with hand cream, to then it's easy to pull out of the textile
3. Take any plastic bottle and pierce at the base, it will be "input" and "output" for our thread temporarily seal the hole with tape.
4. Then mix the adhesive with the water bottle and mix thoroughly. 
5. Threads bottle a long needle and passed through a hole made, the needle is removed. 
6. Do not hurry to have time to soak up the thread of glue begin to wind our balloon
I took a thread-toffee firm "Gamma", in 10 grams skein, one skein was enough to wrap the 2 ball.
7. We reserve our ball to dry (I have complete drying took place per day approximately). 
8. When completely dry, puncture a ball and take out of Puck.  
9. Repeat the procedure 20 times.
10. Take the LED garland worn on the light bulb filament our balls.
It looks like a garland included:  

Via: livemaster

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