48 Inspiration Ideas Decorating with Bamboo

With sustainability high on the architecture and decoration industry seeks alternatives to using natural materials in residential and commercial areas. And one of the creative solutions that many professionals opting at the moment is bamboo. A rustic material that depending on how you use the environment it can give a modern and elegant air.

Many feel that bamboo should only be used outdoors, but they do mistake. It can and should be exploited for interior decoration as well. How about using it as curtains, walls, fences, wall decorative objects, residential structure and even facades?

In the room, bamboo can be coated on the roof and in the walls giving a natural and harmonious air to bring peace to the area. If the proposal is to separate the space bet on a partition of bamboo cut into different sizes. The advantage of this idea is that it has a much smaller than any other wall or partition thickness. You can also use bamboo to make objects such as baskets, tables, lamps, benches, supports, vessels and etc.

If you are looking to decorate a room in a functional way, you can choose bamboo curtains. Ideally, your strips are used only in the form of blind, so the curtain falls much better decor. Not to mention that it is very easy to handle and clean.

Our team broke some images that have different decorating ideas with bamboo to inspire and offer new ideas, check out:

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