Decorate a candle holder in just 3 steps

Just before welcoming your guests and you still have time to do cool things on the table of Eve or the decoration of your living room! Already we have given ideas for compositions with your glasses and now I will show you step by step how to decorate a glass candle holder in just 3 steps and few ingredients.

What you will need:
  • A glass candle holder with presser foot, type tall glass
  • Some cypress leaves or ivy t (measured how much you want makeshift covering the surface of the candlestick)
  • Spray glue
  • white candle
 Clean thoroughly with glass cleaner on the outside surface of the candlestick. Spread a large piece of paper or newspaper on a surface and spread your cards. Sprinkle some distance the spray adhesive and let a couple of seconds to spread the glue. 

Stuck one by one leaves the outer side of the candlestick so that one foot on the other. Leave the leaf stalks protrude from the base of the candlestick. Pressed lightly leaves stick well and let them dry. 

With scissors cut off the edges that extend to the uniform basis of your candlesticks.
You can put your candle  on your table and impress your guests

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