Create the perfect garden on your balcony in 15 steps

Very simple steps to create a charming little garden on our balcony.
1. Measure how much free space you have. This is usually the size of your balcony (length and width), because you have to know how many pots will place next to one another.

2. Measure how much free time you have. Do not make the balcony like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and finally find  that you don't have even10 minutes a day for watering.

 3. Learn the orientation of your balcony. A northern balcony has very different conditions from a balcony around the noon sunlight.
4. Choose plants. Must fulfill two important conditions: be your favorite and love them and be suitable for the conditions of your balcony (step 2).

5. Learn about the plants. Before you plant them should know basics like how fast they grow, how big they are, when they bloom, if they are evergreen etc.

6. Choose pots and window boxes. You choose them depending on the plants you choose (step 3). For large plant, large pot for small plants, small pots. But certainly the you choose according to your stylistic concerns and perhaps with the colors of the wall and the handrail. Do not forget to saucers underneath the pots.

7. Make research. A market research is always needed.

8. Calculate how much soil you need. What you can do is to calculate the volume of each pot. If it is difficult, then in plant shops always know how much dirt gets each pot. Also, depending on your plants picked audience compost or soil for special cases, eg for acidophilus, orchids etc.

9. Choose materials. What are the ingredients? The gravel on the bottom of each pot, possible supports for trees or shrubs, ground cover materials (pebbles, pine bark, decorative stones), candles, tealights and more.

10. supplied tools. Do not get gashi. You won't need it. Necessary though: gloves, small shovel, small spud, small rake, pruner. There is no need have to be expensive, but be sure that you are strong and ergonomic.

11. Put them all down. And calculated their costs. Whilst to want everything, but can not cope. Reduced or altered plants and pots. Besides, you can buy a few now, just some others another month.

12. Shopping! It's better now: go to buy them. What to watch out for when shopping plants! If too many and not fit in your car, in concertation shop to bring them home. If fit, covered before you leave the house your seats with nylon bags. Can be pots fresh cleaning and as you wander from the nursery, they drained their waters. Also, this will fill as little as possible soil and leaves.

13. Planting. You should be relaxed and not grappling to plant them at 3 pm. Start early in the morning.

14. Placing plants. You must put your plants in the right places. Do not put the gardenia to the point where the sun burns 5 hours straight. Each plant has specific needs in the sun. Important information you need to know is in every part of your balcony how much light and how long it is. Be an easy way to learn. After the placements to their seats, the watering. Do not water them earlier, because you tired to move them.
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