Your floor creak? Put an end to this annoying sound in one move

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You love your wooden floor but can not stand the sound of crackling? It's time to stop walking on tiptoe.

Whatever creaks ... is annoying. And if you suffer from annoying -high entasis- sound pierces your ears whenever someone tries to walk on the old wooden floor of your home, the solution is hidden in the bathroom cabinets and is none other than baby powder.

Yes, you read! Among other things, this fragrant and economical material can be some sound: the teeth on your floor and to keep quiet forever. Of course, this will only happen if they take little baby powder between the planks to fill the gaps between them. Then wipe the floor to remove any residue left by the powder back tis.

If you do not believe in the action of baby powder (baby powder), you can always follow the same procedure by melting a little wax in a double boiler and then to fill the gaps in your floor. Whichever route you choose, one thing is certain: you will regain your time.

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