An apartment with Nordic and rustic style and much DIY

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Today I bring home that it makes me special pleasure because it is a clear example of fighter and persevering person and also all great hands.
Iria, lives in a rented house, hence can not be changed great things but she has managed to get the most out of her home and have largely done all her home deco. It's a great diyer and a clear example that if you want, you can.

No need to spend excessive amounts of money to have a nice, well-decorated home but  as you will see from the home tour, you are going to be super-love with the amount of "Crafts" it has. 

I can almost say that if yshe has not built or tuned whole house has done nothing !!. It's incredible, so hopefully that will bring forth the most out of her home a lot of ideas from it because the truth is not lacking. From the dressing room, study area, the sofa table, entry ... everything has been created for it so ... we'll see the house of Iria. 


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