Modern Pergola - 25 inspirations for the garden and terrace

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Create, the one side, more shade in your garden or on the terrace on using an modern pergola; on the other side - enjoy eye-catching view in your outdoor space. Immerse yourself in our photo gallery and let us inspire you for a pergola, full of style and elegance.

Pergola is a very good and provide you the shade in your garden. Furthermore, in the past, it was used in most cases, for its appearance substantially be the solid support for climbing plants in the garden. Nowdays used both for its practicality for its aesthetic side. As for the manufacturing material, wood is the most used.

Apart to offer shade and serve you as a support for climbing plants, a modern pergola can give you more  in the garden. Yes,you don't need anymore need to worry about prying eyes of your neighbors or passers those! Now we leave you with the rest of the photos, to select and borrow ideas that tempt you the most.


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