Decorating with crates - 50 ideas with style and taste

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Having a well-decorated and beautiful home does not necessarily have to do with how much you spend. Give style to an environment has much more to do with creativity and ability to give a unique touch to the place and so reusing materials makes all the difference.

The wooden crates used in street markets or to store wine, are so versatile that they can be with furniture created worthy of decorating magazines. Used to natural, varnished or painted, the sky is the limit to choose what can be created.

- Prefer the boxes that carried oranges. They are stronger and weight-bearing.

- Because it is rustic, wood usually has barbs. To remove them, sand the entire surface, including gaps between the slats. With electric sander work becomes easier.

- Before painting them spend a anticupim product for sale at hardware stores.

Check out some good ideas to do with living crates.

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