Decorate glass bottles and jars with style - 20 great ideas

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Reuse everyday objects to decorate our spaces is more fashionable than ever, leading to a boom in DIY crafts and we have all witnessed. Among the many ideas we can find, decorate glass bottles is one of the funniest why we choose, printing our style and personal touch to make simple bottles in perfect decorative accessories.

If you've already explored in the past other options such as crafting with recycled plastic or cans, it is almost certain to decorate glass bottles will seem ridiculously simple. And if it's your first time in this task you must have only one thing clear: creativity knows no bounds.
Since candle holders, to vases, pencil holders or purely decorative containers, glass jars are filled with so many possibilities as you can possibly imagine, being perfect for making beautiful centerpieces or to liven up any room in the home. And all you need to do is gather the bottles that we like and get down to work with our idea.

But if you're looking for inspiration because you're not sure where to start, then these insurance fabulous images that fill you with good ideas. Find what is the best design to decorate glass bottles with style and give your space a special touch and eco-creative you've always wanted. 

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