A purple color in the interior - 33 great ideas

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Some designers use color with a large hunting in interior decoration, while others pass by - not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of controversial reactions of customers. One of these is purple: it is not too popular and very complex shade rarely come across in the domestic flat. But use the purple color in the interior is not only possible, but necessary. The variety of meanings and shades of this color allows ordinary room with a typical interior and a standard set of furniture from Ikea to turn into a sample of exquisite taste and style.

The main difficulty faced by wishing to use the purple color in the interior, is to choose the right shade for specific conditions. Multicompound based on a special combination of warm red and cool blue, a shade can revive one interior and completely ruin the other. Too mysterious and romantic, too soft and flexible purple tone can make the interior unusual and creative.


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