Diy Mood lighting made of recycled cans

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Recycled cans in various sizes  filled with thick, pillar candles can look wonderful when painted with one contrasting colour over the top. You can add some burnt umber oil paint with a soft cloth and rub back to create a soft antiqued effect.

Asparagus cut into 25-40 cm pieces at one end of the box are adhered to. The asparagus is cut into smaller pieces, we make these bows, and the ends of the shoots sticking an adhesive.

 A wooden hangers and hanged on a nail. One side of the wooden clothespin glued strips of patterned paper. The cans spárgáit several times to wrap wooden hangers, clothes pins to fix, so that the boxes be so different heights.

The candles were placed in cans and ready to go with this lovely and spectacular decorations

I am looking forword do something like this for my summer garden.

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