Table cover ideas with burlap

Known as burlap fabric, provides a rough and natural colored jute fabric in canvas form, referred to a printing or patterning as plucking. This eco-friendly materials from jute or sisal fiber was exported at the beginning of the 19th century for the first time from India. The known as hessian linen material was used in the past for the production of clothing and coats, and now the upholstery, wall covering and as basic or spinal tissue.

The burlap finds its application in art, in the landscape and architecture, in the clothing industry, as well as in the field of trade. Lately the burlap takes an essential part also in table decoration. In terms of the tablecloth, table runner or as an additional decoration, combined with candles and flowers, or in a napkin-folding. Today we will namely show how to set a table with burlap elegant and creative.

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