Deco trend - Rustic chic style, white background with pink splashes

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Inspiration to create rustic chic

Didn't they say opposites attract ..?. The title of this post may seem a contradiction "rustic chic style" two opposite words literally.
Rustic = field or related to it, synonymous with rural.

Chic = elegant, distinguished and follows fashion. Elegance accompanied by good taste and grace.

By this I do not mean that it is not rustic tasteful, nothing is further from my intention, I have also found that it is one of the decorative styles like more people. Just someone wanted to gild the lily by adding a chic touch to the equation, and do not deny that the result is fantastic.

Beauty and Beast

In these images of Line Kay these two styles coexist in perfect balance. Coarse wood are softened by the white light filling space.

The pink sweetens natural fabrics giving a feminine touch which, together with details of the photos in black and white, blankets, curtains canopy bed and some detail of industrial design, is achieved at the touch Chic that We were looking for.

On other occasions we have seen as the rustic style has evolved and adapted to current trends. It amounts to what is now called Neo-rustic style.


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