Dishes on the wall - decorated with 59 photos and ideas

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Meet our super selection of 60 photos decorating with dishes on the wall. Get inspired.

The decorative plate is a very old way of decorating the wall. Today still are very used to change the look of a room and found object of desire. A range of different colors, patterns and shapes. In addition, installation is super fast and can easily replace traditional frames with frames - the result is amazing with a beautiful composition of different dishes.

These can be used in various ways, but always with a modern twist. Even with the variety of sizes and designs, it is important that the dishes have a harmony. Ideally, choose all that you like and then to think fondly mounting these accessories on the floor. This way, you get to choose the best option to install them on your wall. Recalling that: the more random distribution, the better the result.

Remember to check the height that will make them available to the wall so that it is visible and rather prominently. The number of plates will depend on the size of the wall. If not the broad leaves much empty; very scattered dishes loses his cool decoration effect. If you do not want nail them to the wall, do not worry: put them in your bookcase or shelves.  

Check out the inspirations below how to position and make that incredible combination and let them make even more elegant room: 

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