34 ideas for teenage girl room, color, zoning, accessories

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Are you a parent of a young lady, and the question arose of what should be a room for a teenage girl? Pink color. Ruffles, frills and pleats. You imagine this room design for girls 12 or 15 years? Do not rush into construction decor shops and boutiques. Your daughter can decide for colors and furniture do not like.

Teens - nature controversial and fragile. And so easy to cross the line of understanding, to create a cozy, according to adults, the room, but it is unacceptable for a teenager. It is necessary to ask a child what colors she likes, what preferences are. It is possible that in response to hear about black and gray colors, shutters, techno and minimalism. You are ready? No. It is not necessary to do everything the way she wants. Offer to view photos from the catalog and see what the interior of it more to their liking.

Teenager room must first be comfortable and well-lit. It is desirable that as much as possible it was present in natural light. Observe and second requirement. Maiden room - a mini-apartment in your home, so it should be all that you may need a child 12 or 14 years of television and bed, seating area and a working area, a dressing table and a spacious closet.

See our ideas in following images and get inspired.



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